Welding Grads Heat Up Summer!

2016 Summer WTEC Graduates

Congratulations to our Summer 2016 graduating class!

We are wishing WTEC’s latest welding grads prosperous careers as newly American Welding Society Certified Welders.

Instructor Levi Purins presented certificates of completion to:

  • Matt Szymanski of Mendon, MI
  • Ryan Pedersen of Three Rivers, MI
  • Salaam Muhammad of Three Rivers, MI

You may think it’s been hot this summer, but nothing could be hotter than WTEC’s new welding graduates!  In the eight short weeks it takes to complete the MIG & TIG aluminum welding course, these students have developed skills and gained knowledge that makes them in-demand to industrial employers.

Levi has been an Instructor and Welding Inspector for many years with WTEC and continues to do an outstanding job in graduating highly skilled welders.

About WTEC

The Welding Technology Education Center (WTEC) was born from industry need to fulfill industry need. WTEC is an American Welding Society Educational Institution member located at Fab Masters Company, Inc. in Marcellus, Michigan. Due to experiencing firsthand the shortage of skilled welders, Fab Masters President & CEO Ron Troxell decided to start his own welding training program. As a result, WTEC courses are designed with employers’ requirements in mind. Instructors then teach the theory and facilitate the hands-on lab practice needed for students to become capable of producing high quality welds. Consequently, WTEC is confident our graduates gain the welding skills needed to enter production or industry-level positions.

WTEC partners with Michigan Works to provide training to unemployed and displaced workers.

Visit our website for more information: http://aluminum-welding-school.com/