MIG and TIG Welding for Steel 103S

MIG and TIG Welding for Steel 103S

Contact Hours

150 (40 hours classroom instruction, 110 hours hands-on lab)


$4,700 – plus $175 equipment fee


This course is designed for individuals that are seeking the skills required for production or industrial MIG and TIG welding for steel. Current welders can significantly advance their skill level, while individuals entering the field will get the training and experience needed for entering production or industry level positions.



Course Description

This program provides the opportunity for classroom supported, hands on training to assist participants in gaining the real world MIG and TIG welding skills employers demand.

The instructor will provide lectures, demonstrations, and printed materials to increase the participant’s knowledge and skills to safely use GMAW and GTAW machines on steel products.

Topics Include:

  • GMAW and GTAW welding processes variables for steel: voltage, wire feed speed.
  • GMAW and GTAW machine controls/variables for steel: settings, adjustments.
  • GMAW and GTAW advanced machine settings/functions.
  • Identification of shielding gases and the various characteristics for GMAW and GTAW applications.
  • Weld quality.
  • Common weld symbols.
  • Common discontinuities, defects, and cures for those common defects and discontinuities.

Certificate of Completion

Participants will be graded on a pass/fail basis.

The participants will receive a Certificate of Completion based on a score of 70% or higher on written tests and by demonstrating the ability to perform welds using GMAW & GTAW processes and machines during lab assignments in steel.

Students that pass the class will be eligible to test for AWS Certification.

American Welding Society Certification Test

(Test consists of welding 2 coupons for testing in flat or horizontal position)

Testing and documentation will be provided by an independent licensed AWS inspector and may take up to 4 weeks for processing.

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