Robotic Welding Programming 201

Robotic Welding Programming

Robotic Welding Programming 201

Not Currently Offered

Contact Hours

104 (24 hours classroom instruction, 40 hours hands-on lab, 8 hours classroom GMAW instruction, 32 hours hands-on GMAW lab)


$4,650 – plus $175 equipment fee


This course is designed for individuals that are seeking the skills required to program Fanuc robots for production or industrial welding. Current welders or individual very familiar with computers will have an advantage but anyone comfortable and willing to learn competencies in these areas will get the training and experience needed for entering production or industry level positions.



Course Description

This program provides the opportunity for classroom supported, hands-on training to assist participants in gaining the real world Fanuc robotics welding skills employers demand.

The instructor will provide lectures, demonstrations and printed materials to increase the participant’s knowledge and skills to safely use Fanuc welding robots.

Topics Include:

  • Basic skill training for GMAW welding
  • Building of actual weld test programs
  • The ability to modify, add, and delete within programs
  • The ability to set up weld/weave schedules, run multiple weld/weave schedules within one program
  • The ability to run multiple programs with-in one program
  • Setting up proper torch angles
  • Weld process variables: Voltage, wire speed, travel speeds, proper wire stick-out, crater fill, and safety
  • Machine controls/variables: Programming of I/O instructions and commands
  • The ability to zero/calibrate Fanuc robots
  • The value of maintaining TCP
  • Identifying proper shielding gases and the various characteristics for Robotic MIG applications
  • Common discontinuities, defects and cures associated with robotic welding

Certificate of Completion

Participants will be graded on a pass/fail basis.

The participants will receive a Certificate of Completion based on a score of 70% or higher on written tests and by demonstrating the ability to perform welds using GMAW Robotic processes and machines during lab assignments.

Express Interest

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