Attendance Policy

WTEC's Attendance Policy is as follows:

Students are expected to be on-time and to attend every class.

If a student misses more than 10% of the total instruction time (contact hours) due to tardiness or absences, the student will not be eligible to receive a certificate of completion for the class.

For instance, the MIG (GMAW) & TIG (GTAW) Combined Welding course is a 150-hour program. We recommend not missing any class, but you are unable to receive a certification of completion once you've missed 15 hours. Our course is a short, but intensive, program, and each class hour is critical to the development of your welding skills.

Students that might not qualify for a certificate of completion may still attend and participate in the remaining classes and labs.

There's no time for "make-up" work.

WTEC offers courses that last a maximum of 10 weeks. We mean it when we say each class hour is critical.

Therefore, there will not be any time for “make-up” work and we're unable to offer supplemental instruction to compensate for missed class time.