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Winter 2011 WTEC Graduates, WTEC partners with nearby state agencies to retrain unemployed and displaced workers

Our Grads are Talking!

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Ron R. April 2013

“I chose WTEC over a community college because of the shorter length of training and being a certified welder upon completion of the courses offered. The staff and instructor of WTEC has the utmost care and consideration in seeing each student achieve their goal in a welding career or advancement. After completing the courses at WTEC I have increased my yearly income by $10,000 to $15,000 a year. I would highly recommend WTEC to anyone that wishes to start or advance themselves in a welding career.”

Wesley P. April 2012

“You get 1-on-1 class time. The class sizes are small, therefore you can gain knowledge better and faster than a larger class. Also, Levi is an excellent teacher and breaks down the concepts of welding to its simplest points. He makes class fun and enjoyable to come to.”

“Thanks for all your help, you are an awesome school, and helped me out greatly. Thank you.”

Kerry K. March 2010

“They let me spend more time in the lab where I learned the most. The instructor was always there to help. I have never had a better instructor than Levi.”

Casey V. October 2010

“There is a lot of hands-on instruction, and a welding instructor that actually knows what he is doing.”

William D. April 2012

"I can go on & on about this class, Levi pushed me more than any teacher I’ve ever had. Although I didn’t like it at first, it paid off more than I ever could have expected. That’s what I loved the most about this class, the unexpected SUCCESS."

What do you like most about the class?

Brian W. March 2011

“Lab time with an excellent instructor.”

Robert K. October 2010

“The instructor & his knowledge, his ability to see what you need to become a better welder.”

Kendell B. March 2011

“The instructor's ability to communicate & explain reasons as to why.”

Charles K. December 2009

“The amount of on-the-job welding skills that I have learned, and refreshed.”

What would you say to friends that are considering taking this class?

Kerry K. March 2010

“It would be the best thing they could do to further their education in welding.”

Tony S. Nov 2009

“Take it! It’s great and you learn from somebody that has been doing this day-to-day and works with you at your station.”

James R. June 2011

“Go for it! In a short amount of time, I have turned it into making money for a better quality of life”

Phil S. Oct 2010

“Don’t wait!” 

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