New School Offers High-Skilled Welding Program
New School Offers High-Skilled Welding Program

Displaced workers and businesses are signing up their employees for the professional, industry-level training at the newly State licensed W.T.E.C., Inc. (Welding Technology Education Center) in the Fab Masters Company facility in Marcellus, MI. The curriculum includes MIG, TIG and Robotic welding programming classes.

This high-demand, high-skilled training program is taught by American Welding Society (AWS) certified instructors, in an industrial environment, on industrial equipment, for industry-ready jobs specific to aluminum or steel.

Fab Masters Co. Inc (FMC) and other businesses in Southwest Michigan have been hard pressed to find highly skilled welders and robotic programmers. M-TEC at Kalamazoo Valley Community College approached Ron Troxell, President of Fab Masters Co. to start a training program to meet the needs of business and individuals that were looking for “industry-level training”. Ron agreed, and created W.T.E.C. Inc. with the understanding that, “this would not be a typical welding course, but a very focused industry-level training program designed with extensive hands-on training to prepare workers to exceed industry’s expectations.”

FMC is excited to be able to help displaced and under skilled workers in Southwest Michigan to acquire these high-demand skills. Additionally, FMC is grateful for the many people that contributed to get this welding training center started. Some of the people that helped get the program going where Michael Bumgarner, President of Bumgarner Welding & Inspection, Jeff VanDenBos, welding instructor, Cindy Buckley and the staff at M-TEC at KVCC.

Classes for MIG and TIG welding for Aluminum and Steel are forming now and will begin July 6, 2009; robotics welding programming class will begin July 20, 2009. To obtain information about the programs or to enroll, visit or call 269-353-1253. Additionally, Michigan Works has recognized the value of the high-demand, high-skilled training being offered at W.T.E.C. Inc. and has helped displaced workers to enroll in the program. Displaced (Unemployed) Workers can find more information from Michigan Works training resources at